For the month of May 15, 2015 – Geraldine M Berg

For the month of  May 15, 2015
Our choice for this first feature is a sentimental and affectionate one:  Geraldine M. Berg.  Gerri died after a long and distinguished career as a painter.  She was a long-time member of enamel guilds and societies,  and a great supporter of  enamel fine art. Gerri worked in water color and oils then mastered the firing of enamels.

Gerry Berg

“Untitled” Geraldine M. Berg

Gerri was interested in medieval art.  So this castle touched her heart and her artist’s eye. The  enamel above might be seen as a conventional water-color on canvas except for the fired edge of the copper tile. This enamel piece is of museum quality.

Geraldine M. Berg  " The Queen of Hearts"

” The Queen of Hearts” Geraldine M. Berg

” The Queen of Hearts ” is instantly recognizable as vitreous enamel.
The gleaming surface, the intensity and depth of color, and above all the masterful execution of  the  cloisonne technique which outlines elements large and tiny in silver wire. These characteristics mark this work as  fine art in enamel.


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