Forged by Fire
The  Advocates For Fine Art Enamel invitation summer 2015 exhibition.



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Little Alta Sklar learns about enamel

Little Alta Sklar learns about enamel


Advocates For Fine Art Enamel arranged with the Figureworks Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, for an exhibition of fine art vitreous enamels. The exhibit ran from June 12th through July 26th, 2015. The goal of the exhibition was to acquaint the art buying public to the ways in which the glass-on-metal medium  can be used to fashion expressive works of fine art.

Kristen Dombek discussing enameling

Kristen Dombek discussing enameling


The wall hangings and sculptures exhibited ranged in emotional expression from brooding loss and heartbreak through curiosity, wonder, exultation and celebration and finally mania The exhibit consisted of the creations of  Sean Alton,  Mary Chuduk, Howard Eisman, Herb Friedson, June Jasen, Cynthia Miller  and Stel Shevis.


Guest takes refreshment

Mary Chuduk did moving portraits of Moslem women on plates and a bowl; Sean Alton gave us fantastic animals with even more extraordinary people in and on them; June Jasen added a surrealistic perspectve to landscapes and physiogamy.  Herb Friedson’s wild mosaics and Cynthia Miller’s imposing landscapes had great impact. Stel Shevis added a brilliantly colored study of “The Loss of a Child.” Howard Eisman had wall pieces and a sculpture celebrating the human form in movement.


Artist Fred Hatt


Guests socializing

The gallery owner, Randall Harris, said that his gallery had never been had so much color.  The glass-on-metal qualities of bright opaques and pellucid transparent colors brightened up the entire gallery area. The rooms of the gallery seemed to be suffused with energy and dancing light.  Randall was quite happy with the exhibit.

The exhibit was well attended. Many of the visitors were local Williamsburg people who were in the arts themselves. One or two knew about enameling. Most had questions as they did not recognize the glass-on-medal media. “What is this made of?” was a frequent question. The many conversations about enameling certainly educated influential visitors; the educational goals of the exhibit were easily met.


June Jasen, Mary Eisman, and gallery owner, Randal Harris



Howard Eisman


Randall Harris speaks about the Affae’s fine enamel show at Figureworks Gallery.
Background shows one of Herb Friedson’s mosaics.



Kristen Dombek speaks at Figureworks Gallery


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